Need a new PC? a laptop? how about a server?

At Sabo Solutions LLC,  we can provide all of your IT equipment and software at competitive prices. We also build custom PC’s and servers to fit the needs of the business, Give us a call and see what we can do for you!


Custom PC’s / Servers

Our custom PC’s are built with Solid State drives and spec’d with the latest processors. We also sell our PC’s with a choice of operating systems including Windows 7 (all versions)  or Windows 8 (all versions) So if you have an  application that still demands Windows 7 we can custom build a system for your needs. call us and we can configure a system today. oh yeah, all of our custom systems come with a 3 year warranty!

Networking Equipment

We carry everything from Cables to Switches to Routers!If you need to upgrade your current network or build a brand new one Sabo Solutions LLC can provide you with everything you need. Due to the amount of products available we cannot list them all, so please give us call and let us help you spec it out.

Software and Cloud services

Need Microsoft Office? how about Microsoft Exchange “Cloud” services? Sabo Solutions LLC offers these and much more. if you need it chances are we have it!

POP Email Services